Dining Room Decoration Ideas 2014

The dining room is a home to both lavish dinners and homely feasts, of chatter and laughter, and of friends and family gathering together to make quality memories. And to be all of these things, it has to be a place where people want to spend time – cue great design and decoration. So many things can add to a dining experience and of course, we would all enjoy dining a touch more if some artistic style and splendour was added to the mix. It’s time to get inspired…  Ravishing rugs     Wooden room floors have been a good… Read More »
Rugs via freshhome.com

Rugs via freshhome.com

Celebrity Bedrooms

Some can only dream of these kind of bedroom interiors, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little nosy in some celebrities bedrooms to pick up some inspiration, or just to become even more envious of their lavish lifestyles…. – Will Farrell – Given Will Ferrell’s colourful personality you would have thought his room would be booming with colours, but Will’s gone for subtle sophistication with greys and charcoal colours, which makes me take him more seriously. – Jennifer Aniston – Old Jenny from the block has gone rather simple but chic with her bedroom design, going for the symmetrical… Read More »

Taxidermy Sheep Cabinet Features in Salvador Dalí Furniture Collection

After dedicating his life to painting the unreal, Salvador Dalí has certainly left a legacy of surrealism in his wake.  Who would have thought a lamb for slaughter would end up in the Dalí furniture collection and be gracing homes as a cabinet? This taxidermy sheep is based on Dalí’s surrealist paintings, turning our regular idea of furniture on its head and giving it quite a disorientating new dimension. It stands poised on decorative bronze hooves with a tray on its back and a drawer in its side, ready to stun us with its bizarre new function. Based on Dalí’s… Read More »

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

We’ve all been there at some point – left with a room haphazardly covered in a blizzard of belongings that we couldn’t be bothered, or didn’t have time, to put away earlier in the week. Inevitably, it becomes a frustratingly boring and time-consuming task to tidy up, and we give ourselves a mental tongue-lashing for not having just sorted out the mess bit by bit before. Free up your time by making it more manageable with a weekly checklist – just a few minutes here and there doesn’t compare to what can eat into hours of your weekend!   Daily… Read More »

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Guide

Everyone loves buying kids toys and clothes, but they can all too easily turn into space-consuming clutter in the home. Kids’ bedrooms are often the rooms that lack space most and the furniture you choose can make a world of difference. It can also make it your child’s personal haven of rest and play when chosen well. We’ve worked out the best buys below. Fun furniture Furniture which sparks creativity is a great way to go. As kids’ imaginations naturally bubble with a constant stream of exciting ideas, their bedroom is inevitably a place where it’s going to be unleashed.… Read More »

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